QGIS Workshop

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Due Tuesday 3/10:

  • choose at least one years’ worth of student newspapers in an era close to that of your final project and copy their link locations from here
  • using the same set of texts in each, choose three tools other than our example Cirrus from Voyant http://docs.voyant-tools.org/tools/ and analyze your group of school newspapers. (I suggest bubblelines, knots, links, scatterplot, mandala, bubbles, rezoviz, term frequencies, term radio.)  be sure to look through “more documentation” for each tool for a deeper understanding of how each works and what each displays.
  • remember to adjust the settings, edit the stopword lists, and read the documentation.  a visualization full of “the, and, state, college” will be considered a failing assignment!
  • embed the three visualizations and explain how they differ as well as how their differences affect the interpretation enabled by each in a post like we did previously with RAW.
  • edit two years’ worth of dates in the State College News Zotero Group

Due Thursday 3/12: