Attendance and Participation: 25%

  • Attendance, respectful discussion, and active participation is required in all class sessions.  Absences will only be excused in case of medical emergency or university-sponsored activities.  If you are not on-task during workshop days or if you engage in behavior which is disruptive to your classmates’ work, you will be counted absent and/or asked to leave.

Posts: 20%

  • You are expected to post once per week (undergraduates) or twice per week (graduates), reflecting on the upcoming week’s readings, any points of confusion with our analysis methods, or reflection on your final project.  If you see something on twitter or elsewhere online that is connected to our course, you may post about that instead.  I may require or suggest posts on specific topics depending on what we’re doing in class that week; this will be announced in class and on the course blog the week before.
  • Posts should be about 300-500 words long (longer is ok too) and are due at 5pm Mondays (everybody) and Wednesdays (grad students only).  Please link back to the week’s post on the courseblog so that I and other students can keep track of your posts.
  • I may or may not comment on your posts; my comment or lack thereof does not reflect on your grade.  I will be grading your posts on completeness, constructive engagement with the readings and other students, and clarity.  By clarity I mean: if you are having difficulties, is it clear to readers what the difficulty is; is your analysis focused and not vague or general; is your progress report specific; do you link to relevant readings or other posts.  You will also be graded on your blog’s metadata. ie, is your layout and extra pages easy to navigate, are your posts categorized and tagged in ways that assist readers in finding what they’re looking for.

Comments: 5%

  • You are also expected to comment substantively on two other student’s posts every week.  Comments should be provided in a spirit of collaboration, helping with a point of confusion, offering constructive feedback, or building on other students’ reflections.  Comments should be in complete sentences and show direct engagement with the post.  (“I agree” or “+1” type comments will not be accepted).  Harassing or needlessly negative comments may also negatively affect your overall participation grade.  Please make an effort to comment at least once on all other student’s posts; if I notice that you tend to comment only on a few other students’ blogs, I will nudge you to engage with more people.

Collection research and uploads: 15%

  • Your final project may draw on items and records added to our exhibit by other students, but you are responsible for researching, uploading and editing items and records in your own collection during the course of our three units on networks, text analysis and mapping.  Requirements for each unit will be discussed in class.

Project proposal: 5%

  • Due Thursday 4/2

Final Project: 20%

  • Due Thursday 4/30

Final reflection post: 10%

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