Research Workshop Part 2, 2/3

Our research librarian for history Jesus will be joining us again for the second part of the Zotero workshop.  Last class session we covered how to capture citations from sources that have integration with Zotero, like journal databases and web pages.  This class session we’ll cover how to use Zotero to manage material that doesn’t have machine-readable integration, like archival primary sources that aren’t digitized, and digitized primary material that hasn’t been encoded for Zotero to read.  We’ll also cover how to manage all this material within Zotero.

Please open (these are in order that we’ll be using them for class):

Notes for today’s class.

The Zotero pane in Firefox (and remember to check if you’re logged in to your account if your library and the group library aren’t showing up)

Notes from last class session if you need a reminder about Zotero set up

The State College News, December 20 1916

This photo of the Downtown Campus, 1916

The Digital History Zotero group library.  You can join this group if you want to, but for the purpose of the class session you don’t need to.