Women's Studies Oral History Exhibit


  Welcome to the Women’s Studies Oral History Exhibit. This exhibit examines transcripts from the Women’s Studies Oral History Project by using a digital method called text analysis. Text analysis generates digital visuals which highlight central themes about the development of the Women’s Studies Program at the University At Albany. These themes include early curriculum, academic disciplines, key faculty, and the challenges of developing an academic program. This exhibit also encourages educational use. Each tab includes the audio, text, and photographs from the oral histories.

How do I navigate this exhibit?

  This site is composed of different tabs that are located on the right of the screen. First read the “Learn More” tab. This tab explains the background of the Women’s Studies Program and the Women’s Studies Oral History Project. This tab also includes the exhibit's argument, methods, and limitations. The following 11 tabs are divided by individual oral histories. Here you will find each interviewee’s photograph, audio interview, and transcript. These tabs also include text analysis of each transcript. The “Large Word Cloud and Conclusion tab” tab features a simultaneous analysis of all the transcripts.

One last thing,

  The development of the Women's Studies Program was influenced by social issues that remain relevant. Gender equality and affirmative action are a couple of examples. This exhibit encourages you to read, listen, look, and think about the people and issues involved with women’s studies.


Justin Holzer